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Digital Signage
       In a general sense, digital signagerefers to electronically controlled signs that can be updated without the cost and expense of changing the physical sign itself. Digital signage is a form of advertising that allows companies to use electronic screens to broadcast information, commercials, or anything else of their choosing to large amounts of people.From malls to restaurants to airports to post offices, digital signage is sweeping the advertising market.

What we Offer....?
        We offer software, hardware, support, and services to craft the digital signage system that's right for clients goals and objectives. We offers services designed for any size business, from a single computer and display to a network of thousands
       We provide uninterrupted support & our services include end-to-end solutions in digital signage space and our die hard focus is on value-add to the customer. We contribute in growing our customers business by enabling them to harness the best of technology.

Functionality and Performance:
        *     Scalability
        *     Easy To Use
        *     Flexibility
        *     Advanced Functionality
        *     Reliability

Application of Digital Signage:
    Digital signage is used for many different purposes such as Information in Airport,Railway Stations etc.
Advertising Related to the Location to Uplift Sales - examples include in-store promotions in a retail establishment Advertising , Outdoor Enhanced Customer Experience - examples include digital signage in restaurant waiting areas to reduce perceived wait-time and recipe demonstrations in food stores Influencing Customer Behavior - store premises. Brand Building - examples include Niketown stores where digital signage in video form is used as a part of the store dcor to build a story around the brand.

Few Application Areas of Digital Signage:
        *     Supermarkets,Shopping Malls
        *     Banks
        *     Hospitals
        *     Corporate Communication
        *     Interactive Touch Screen Solutions
        *     Schools & Colleges

Equipment used:
        *     Display LCD/LED,Plasma or any appropriate display.
        *     Digital Signage Player
        *     Content Creation,Scheduling,Mangement Monitoring Software
        *     Internet Connection.

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