Silkmedia Logo Silk Media offers Conferencing services for Large, Medium & Small organizations to connect with your colleagues from anywhere, anytime.
Silk Conference is a unique and flexible platform that enables global Audio, PC and Video conferencing through a single web interface. Silk conference delivers the ability to do more by minimizing travel, share documents more efficiently in real-time and by improving accountability. With Silk Conference service organizations can boost their productivity, forecast costs, decrease expenses, expand customer and organization reach and generate more efficient revenue generation.

Voice drop service enables customers to broadcast pre-recorded voice messages to targeted audience in large volumes over any telecom network. This service is an ideal tool to execute marketing, advertising & election campaigns, customer feedback etc.
  The following are the services we offer through our portal:
Silk Conference

* This service enables Conferencing & Collaboration with customers, colleagues, family and friends with ultimate ease and flexibility

Voice drop

* Voice drop service enables customers to generate thousands of automated voice calls.